Aaaaand We're Back...

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Welp, after a long time away from anything blog related, I’ve decided to spin up a new site to start trying to keep better documentation of the stuff I do personally. A friend of mine asked about my old blog last week and, after telling me that he had liked to read it, I decided that maybe now was as good a time as any to get back into the swing of things. Life has changed quite a bit since the old entries I had made on my previous site, so the focus of my write-ups here will be pretty drastically different.

I had originally stopped writing mainly because, as graduation neared at Clemson, I was short on time and frantically trying to find a job to transition to ASAP. I also didn’t want to pay yearly for a domain name and to host my site somewhere. So in getting back into this, I have made the transition to Github Pages as a free spot to host my stuff. Pages uses the Jekyll framework to host static sites, which sounded like a neat platform to try out. This has also given me a chance to use git in a different way and learn the markdown syntax. I hope that I’ll be able to expand on these skills more in the future.

As for most of my new posts, they’ll probably center around the creation of this site (it took me a while to figure out the simplest path forward for Jekyll + Bootstrap), Linux system administration, OpenStack oddities and how-tos, and automation tools like Chef and Ansible. Finally, in regards to my older stuff, I was able to dig the old site out of the Wayback Machine (hooray for not keeping backups), so I’ve ported a few of the ones that were still somewhat interesting to this site.

Hope you like it!

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